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First Official game at Molineux
Monday 2nd September 1889

Wolverhampton Wanderers



Aston Villa
Team Team
W. Rose J. Warner
R. Baugh A. Aldridge
C. Mason F. Coulton
A. Fletcher J. Burton
H. Allen Jas. Cowan
T. Knight H. Devey
A. Worrall A. Brown
W. Perry A. Allen
D. Wykes A. Hunter
H. Wood B. Garvey
C. Booth

Referee: Mr. Charles Crump

W. Dickson

The first match to Officially take place at Molineux was Wolves v Aston Villa on the 2nd September 1889.
There were almost 4,000 spectators and Councilor , Chairman of the Wolves Players Committee at the time, set the ball rolling at precisely 5.30pm.
The pitch was described as being 'as smooth as a bowling green and as level as a billiard table' and Wolves loved it - snookering Villa 1-0, David Wykes having the honour of scoring the winning goal with a 'bias' shot from Harry Wood's pass, Villa keeper Jack Warner allowing the ball to slip through his fingers.

There are a few differences between football at Molineux today and how it was played back then, in that first game there was no 'Old Gold and Black' kits, they played in red and white stripes that had faded almost to pink. Also the goalkeepers wore the same kit as outfield players, and were identified only by means of a scarve or tie.

Major rule differences included:
1) The keeper could go anywhere on the pitch and handle the ball.
2) There were no penalties
3) There were two umpires instead of a referee, and they had flags not whistles.
4) There were no goal nets and no crossbar, only a rope.
5) When the the ball crossed the touchline for a throw-in the first player to reach the ball was entitled to take the throw, and could throw it one handed.
6) The goalkeeper could be barged by other players, whether or not he was in possession of the ball.