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Club Badge

Club Badge

Before the War football shirts were very plain, with no club badges, sponsor's logo or manufacturers logo. Having a club badge on the teams football shirts was introduced in the 1950's when Wolves used the town's Coat of Arm's, but only for big games such as Cup Finals, like the 1960 FA Cup final, when the Wolverhampton Coat of Arms was used.

In the late 1960's  Wolves started using a single leaping wolf with the two W's above on their shirts for every game, it was positioned on the left-hand breast side. That was followed by the three leaping wolves in the middle of the shirt.


In 1980 the club started using the single Wolves head, and they had various designs of this, then in the 1994/95 season they swapped back to using the Towns coat of arm's along with the Wolves head but only for that season, swapping back to the familiar single Wolves head.