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Website Awards

Here are some awards for my website, but there is plenty of room on this page for more (hint hint!!)

Website of the month for March 2001 from

Tuesday 09 January 20017:14


Liverpool Site Rated Top Unofficial Club Website

IT'S all very well for us, sitting here in 365's secret underwater HQ and keeping you up to date with all that's going on in the Football world it's our job and we love it! But of course there are thousands of people out there who do the very same just for the love of their team. There are loads and loads of unofficial websites devoted to every single club, and we reckon it's time that the people behind these sites got some recognition.

We reviewed the sites during November and drew up a shortlist of 30 of the best unofficial websites from all over the world, from Man United to Cardiff City to Ajax.

Each of these sites placed a button online asking their readers to vote for them. Over the month of December, there were over 70,000 votes and the overall winner - with almost 30% of all votes - was Liverpool site The runner-up was Portsmouth site and third was the cunningly-named Wolves site

(Above) Report From website

 (Right) Report from the Express & Star