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About Me

  Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can you link to my website?
A) Yes, just send me the address and place a return text link or with a image on your site.

Q) Why have you got the banners?
A) I may be many things, but I'm not stupid. Total football in return for me having their banners publicise my website.

Q) Can you help me design a website?
A) Yes I'm always willing to offer help to anyone although I'm no expert!

Q) Can you find me some information about an old Wolves player?
A) Hopefully yes, I will always try to find you out the information and always reply to all emails.

Q) Can I sell my Wolves stuff on your site?
A) Yes for free, Email me the advert and I will place it on my
Classifieds page until it's sold.

Q) Would you sell your website?
Everything is for sale at the right price, even though it would be like selling a member of the family!

If your question isn't answered on this page then please contact me, it's always good hear from fans.